Fox News Claims Sandy Hook Families Didn't Choose to Support Gun Control, Were Exploited (Video)


Various hosts of Fox News have repeatedly claimed this week that some of the family members of the victims killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting are being "exploited" by President Obama and the Democrats because the families are publicly supporting the gun control package in the U.S. Senate.

None of the Fox News hosts presented any evidence that the families were being forced, coerced, or were not of sound mind to speak their opinions.

Fox News host Sean Hannity repeatedly accused Democrats of "naked exploitation of dead children and grieving families," while his guest conservative columnist Ann Coulter claimed Democrats are "playing with these victims" on April 11, reports (video below).

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade claimed on April 11 that President Obama is "using the Newtown families to push for background checks," but failed to present any evidence.

"For the second straight day, the White House used the victims of the Newtown tragedy to make their case," Fox News White House reporter Ed Henry claimed on April 9.

Fox News host Mike Huckabee claimed on April 9 that taking the Sandy Hook parents to Washington D.C. on Air Force One to support the gun control package was "an exploitation of those parents," but did not provide evidence that the parents had no choice in the matter.

However, reported on how the Sandy Hook families came together to protest gun violence on their own.

What started as a support group is now a lobbying force unlike any other to descend on Capitol Hill..

...The families coordinate their visits to the Hill through meetings in their kitchens, on conference calls and over email. The trips are paid for through donations to Sandy Hook Promise.

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