Fox News Changes Government 'Shutdown' to 'Slimdown'

FoxNews.com has changed news reports from the Associated Press to read "slimdown" instead of "shutdown."

It's not clear why Fox News is replacing "shutdown" with "slimdown," but Fox News host Howard Kurtz wrote on FoxNews.com:

Fox News website keeps using the term 'slimdown' instead of shutdown, though no one would claim this was some kind of sensible Weight Watchers method of trimming government spending.

According to MediaMatters.org, the word changes are in headlines, stories and photo captions.

Fox News has flip-flopped back and forth, praising Republicans for not funding the U.S. government (over Obamacare) and shutting it down, but also blaming President Obama for the shutdown.

Another news article on FoxNews.com, which is uncredited, states:

What the Obama administration is portraying as a "shutdown" of the federal government -- complete with signs posted at the entrances to government buildings, parks and monuments -- is turning out to be more of a "slimdown," as all but non-essential workers reported to their jobs Tuesday.

Sources: MediaMatters.org and FoxNews.com


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