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Fox News Blames Obama for Conservative Hero's Admitted Crime (Video)

Fox News host Megyn Kelly interviewed conservative hero and anti-Obama filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza last night about his recent guilty plea, which she tried to blame on the Obama administration.

D'Souza initially pleaded not guilty to federal charges that he made campaign contributions via other people's names (straw donors) to GOP U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long in 2012, noted CBS News in January.

For months, D'Souza insisted that he was somehow the victim of political targeting by the Obama administration, a claim that was supported by numerous conservatives and Fox News.

However, D’Souza changed his mind this week and pleaded guilty to one charge, reported CNN.

During his interview last night with Kelly, D’Souza admitted, as he did in court, that what he did was "wrong," but Kelly tried to shift the blame to the Obama administration for D’Souza's prosecution, noted (video below).

“This case was resolved today and the Obama administration gets to call one of its top critics a convicted felon, is this what they wanted all along?” Kelly asked.

"I don't know," D’Souza replied. "I was facing two charges, Megyn. The first one was exceeding the campaign finance limits. The second one was causing the government, the election commission to file a false report and that second charge carried a maximum of five years in prison. So what happened is I pleaded guilty to the charge of exceeding the campaign finance limits and the government agreed to drop the other charge."

Kelly then ignored how Fox News had pushed D’Souza's innocence for months, noted

While interviewing D'Souza on January 31, Sean Hannity said he was the "latest victim to be targeted" and that he was placed on the president's "enemies list." Hosts of The Five joined in by saying they believed the charges were "politically motivated" and that they are an example of liberals "rediscovering their inner Stalin." Others on Fox have criticized the indictment as an example of "conservatives under attack."

"There was really never any doubt that you did it," said Kelly. "Your defense in this case was not, 'I didn't do it.' It was, 'I didn't do it with any intent, I didn't do it with the right requisite state of mind and it's selective prosecution by the government who doesn't go after anybody for this kind of crime, except coincidentally, one of the president's biggest critics,' but the judge didn't allow you to bring that defense."

D'Souza told Kelly, "The facts of the case, I induced two of my close associates to contribute, I reimbursed them. I did do that and actually that was wrong."

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