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Fox News Attacks Obama for Terror Alerts to Protect Americans (Video)

For months, Fox News has aired numerous so-called "scandals" blaming President Barack Obama for not protecting the four Americans who died at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, during a terrorist attack in September 2012.

However, Fox News is now attacking Obama for ordering for “non-emergency” government personnel to leave the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, notes

During this past weekend, the Obama administration closed 19 embassies in the Middle East and Africa because of concern of a possible terrorist attack, reported the New York Times.

According to CNN, the Obama administration recently carried out drone attacks on "militants" in Yemen and ordered all non-embassy Americans to leave the country.

However, Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on "Fox & Friends" this morning (video below) and claimed the Obama White House was possibly leaking classified information to make itself look good, but he offered no proof.

“If the White House is revealing secrets, does that sound familiar?" Napolitano said. "They’re trying to prosecute a guy in Moscow who revealed some secrets when he was in Hong Kong. If the White House is revealing secrets to make the White House look good, the revelation of which tips off or hands to the enemy, that is not good.”

Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy added: "Just that they would reveal such detail. They burned a source and a method, and that’s the problem. They could still say be careful if you’re in these areas. But to be so specific to make it look like the administration is working overtime, look at these fantastic avenues of intel, that is troubling."

However, Doocy could not prove that the Obama administration had "burned a source."

Sources:, New York Times, CNN


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