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Fox News Analyst Jim Pinkterton Says Most Arabs Support the Killing of Americans (Video)

Fox News analyst Jim Pinkerton said Monday that Al Jazeera is popular in the Arab world because most Arabs support what "Osama bin Laden was trying to do in terms of killing Americans.”

During a panel discussion on the launch of Al Jazeera Amerca, Pinkerton agreed with host Jon Scott, who said that Al Jazeera was the mouthpiece of the deceased al-Qaeda founder.

“Well, I think there is something to that,” Pinkerton said. “But look, they’re an Arab news channel and let’s face it, many if not most Arabs probably support what bin Laden was trying to do in terms of killing Americans and so on. The polls, certainly from the Pew Center certainly show that."

The Pew survey that the contributing editor for “American Conservative” cites actually found that the majority of Muslims did not support bin Laden, ThinkProgress reports.

“In the months leading up to Osama bin Laden’s death, a survey of Muslim publics around the world found little support for the al Qaeda leader,” Pew reported.

"Look, they cover stuff," Pinkerton said. "I give them credit on stories like Egypt and Syria I find myself watching. I’m under no illusion as to their bias but they spend real money to put real reporters into hot zones and cover them and they do it hours on end. There’s a value to it.”

Pinkerton told the panel Al Jazeera that America will not have to worry about ratings like its competitors because it has financial backing from the Qatar government

Commentator Alan Colmes, who also appeared on the panel, did not challenge Pinkerton, but had a wait and see attitude about the network.

“Wouldn’t it be healthy an helpful for us to see in fact what another take on domestic news might be?” Colmes asked. “I think it is educational and informative to understand maybe a different point of view.”

Sources: Mediaite, ThinkProgress


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