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Fox & Friends, Viewers Defend 'Obama' Rodeo Clown (Video)

Fox & Friends and their viewers expressed support today for the rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair on Saturday.

According to reports, the Obama rodeo clown and the rodeo announcer pretended as if the president was about to get mauled by a bull. The announcer reportedly asked the crowd if they wanted to see "Obama" get attacked, which brought cheers from the audience.

The rodeo clown has been banned from life, the announcer resigned and there have been other resignations.

"A lot of [Fox Viewers] weighed in, saying, 'Hey during President Bush's time, look at what Bill Maher said about him, look at what other congressman said about him. They talked about violence against President Bush as well," said Eric Bolling.

Bolling did not mention any specific incident in which Maher or a U.S. Congressman threatened President Bush's life.

Instead, Fox & Friends read statements from Fox News viewers who believe the outrage over the clown (which would include Missouri Republicans) is hypocrisy.



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