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Fox & Friends Outraged Over NSA Wiretapping They Supported Under Pres. Bush (Video)

The Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” expressed shock and outrage that the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting phone records under President Barack Obama just as it did under President George W. Bush (video below).

The hosts claimed that the NSA collection of the Verizon phone records might violate the Patriot Act, signed into law by Bush, which actually legalized this action.

“What is the objective of getting these numbers and collecting all these numbers from all the millions of Americans?” asked co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Are they overseas calls? Is there terrorist activity? Is there reason to be suspicious? Or is this abuse of the Patriot Act?”

Steve Doocy claimed the Obama administration was participating in a “gigantic overreach," noted

According to, Kilmeade and Doocy defending the seizing of phone records by the NSA in 2006 under Bush.

"Let’s call it the terrorist surveillance program," said Kilmeade on Jan. 25, 2006. "That would be a lot easier." 

“And more accurate,” Doocy added.

“Yeah, more accurate too,” Kilmeade agreed. “If you’re for the NSA wiretapping without going to the FISA court, I guess warrantless, then most likely you’re Republican. If you are against it, you most likely are a Democrat.”

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