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Fox Chief Demands Apology From Trump For Megyn Kelly Insults

After another series of tweets aimed at Megyn Kelly, Fox News chief Roger Ailes has called for Donald Trump to apologize to the Fox News host. 

The Republican presidential candidate sent out a tweet to Kelly as she returned from vacation on Aug. 24 saying he preferred her show, "The Kelly File," without her. 

Trump then retweeted several tweets critical of Kelly, with one saying the show is "a waste of an hour on Fox" and another, a retweet of his own tweet, calling her a "bimbo."

Another tweet reads that Kelly was "really off her game" when questioning academic Cornel West on immigration during her show. 

"Megyn Kelly represents the very best of American journalism and all of us at Fox News Channel reject the crude and irresponsible attempts to suggest otherwise," Ailes said. "I could not be more proud of Megyn for her professionalism and class in the face of all of Mr. Trump's verbal assaults."

He added: "Donald Trump rarely apologizes, although in this case, he should."

Trump took heed to Ailes' statement, but refused to apologize for his remarks on Kelly. 

"Hopefully in the future I will be proven wrong and she will be able to elevate her standards to a level of professionalism that a network such as Fox deserves," Trump said in a statement, reports The Associated Press.

Trump has taken to Twitter to direct several critical messages toward Kelly after her hard line of questioning during the Aug. 6 Republican presidential debate. 

After Trump's initial set of tweets following the debate, Kelly went on air to say she will not apologize for "doing good journalism" nor directly respond to any of Trump's tweets or statements about her. 

Sources: ABC News (AP), The New York Times, Donald Trump/Twitter / Photo credit: Donald Trump/Twitter


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