Fox Business Series “Entitlement Nation: Makers vs. Takers” Just Right Wing Propaganda Masquerading as News, AGAIN

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Fox Business may be championing their series “Entitlement Nation: Makers vs. Takers”, but the American people are smarter than to fall for this blatant right wing divide and conquer strategy. Instead, thinking citizens are voicing their disgust at this lowlife tactic of pitting the poor and middle class against each other.

 Granted, worshipers at the extreme right wing alter will echo anything they hear on Fox; but there are far more intelligent Americans in this country than Fox lemmings. Here are some of the responses thus far (found on Media Matters):

 By 4teepee

“The bailout of the Wall Street banker takers is still on Americans' minds. Fox is desperately trying to get that out of people's minds and instead get them hating poor people.”

 By Jscott

“Really? Are they f***ing JOKING? I've contributed 6% of my gross income to SS for a third of a century, and I'm a TAKER, not a maker? F**K YOU faux news and all you right-wing blowhards…”

 By truth4me

“My 99 year old Grandma worked and paid into social security for 40+ years. I guess, according to the republicans, she should just go ahead and die now, right?”

 By Virgil_Kane

“So what does that make the bankers that got bailed out on Wall St?”

 One commenter summed things up perfectly for all thinking Americans:

 By yoiksaway

“The strategy is to make you the enemy of me.
Keep the middle and lower classes fighting each other, and the big boys get to skate. Social Security, for example is something that will likely be significant for you and me, but for the selfish rich guys, it's just another box of money to raid. If they can make you and me argue about whether one of us is a freeloader or give up on supporting it because it's insolvent (and it isn't), then they can more easily get some of us to support them, the people who will redirect the money for themselves.”

 Sadly even Lou Dobbs, who at one time could have been considered a champion for the middle class, has decided not to bite the hand that feeds him and adopted Fox’s take on “the nation’s growing dependence on government handouts”. Shame on you, Lou.

 There is no doubt we have issues with many government programs that should be dealt with; but in the absence of any real ideas on how to FIX things like the tax system, social security, Medicare or education, the two parties just kick these political footballs back and forth in an attempt to score points with their constituents and virtually do nothing in the end.

Don’t even attempt to label programs handouts until the American people start getting some of the work that we are paying for - like some job creation maybe, out of these free-loaders in Washington. They’re the ones who need to stop playing games and get to work so the “takers” can find jobs to go back to.

 In the meantime Fox, we thinking Americans say “kiss our collective a*/!#”.


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