Four More Kansas School Districts Announce Early Closing Due To Lack Of Funds


Following two Kansas school districts that previously decided they would close early due to lack of funds, four additional schools announced today their intention to follow suit due to budget cuts signed by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback.

Days after Brownback signed a bill that cut $51 million in school funding for the remainder of the year, Concordia Unified School District and Twin Valley Unified School district announced that they would have to end their school years early.

“The Twin Valley Board of Education made a difficult decision and has approved a change in the last day of school,” the Twin Valley school board said in a statement released after the decision in March. “This decision was based on the financial plight of the district. The district has few fiscal reserves to endure the present mid year unplanned financial cuts recently signed into law.”

Now, the Smoky Valley, Haven, Skyline and Shawnee Heights school districts have all also been forced to end the year early due to Brownback’s cuts. The Smoky Valley Unified School District released a statement confirming their decision.

“We will lose $190,000 in the current year's budget [and] once again tighten the budget, look for internal cuts and present opportunities to eliminate expenditures that least affect student learning,” the statement read.

“We felt like we could afford to do that just to get through the current year,” Shawnee Heights superintendent Martin Stessman said. Stessman added that he doesn’t expect the shortened school year to become a permanent change to his district’s calendar.

Sources: Huffington Post, Topeka Capital-Journal

Photo Credit: inquisitr.com, ksnt.com


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