Four Colorado Democrats Face Recall Over Recent Gun Control Legislation

Four Colorado politicians are facing recall after pushing for tougher gun control measures in the state legislature.

The Pueblo Freedom and Rights Group (PFR) launched a recall effort on Senate Democrats Angela Giron, Evie Hudak, John Morse, and Rep. Mike McLachlan, the Daily Caller reported Monday.

Morse, D-Colorado Springs, is President of the Colorado State Senate and recently sponsored a bill to hold gun owners, sellers, and manufacturers accountable for violence stemming the use of their firearms.

The Daily Caller also reported that support of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s ban on high-capacity magazines holding more than 15 rounds and mandate for universal background checks landed Senators Giron, D-Pueblo, and Hudak, D-Westminster, in hot water. The governor signed the bill into law in March and is expected to sign two more – one prohibiting gun ownership for people found guilty of domestic violence and the other requiring face-to-face instruction for concealed carry permits.

A recall would require signatures from 25 percent of the voters in each politician’s district.

El Paso County democrats in support of Morse are fighting the recall effort.

The PFR has about half of the signatures needed, 10,587, in order to get a special election to replace McLachlan’s seat. Signatures for his petition have been the hardest to attain, the PFR said. There is a May 21 deadline to file the McLachlin petition.

PFR says it is a local grassroots committee dedicated to defending constitutional rights in Pueblo, Colo. On their website the group list gun stores where citizens can sign their petition for recalls, including RJC Guns and Arctic Shooting Supply.

Organizers seeking to recall Giron say it’s a bipartisan effort. President of PFR says the man designing their material has Obama stickers on his car.

Hudak angered many constituents when she told a rape survivor, who was against a bill that would have banned concealed weapons on campus, that “chances are that if you would have had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you.” She noted “statistics are not on your side even if you had a gun.” Hudak later apologized for the remark.

Not all pro-gun voters are thrilled about the recall effort. Dudley Brown executive vice president of the National Association for Gun Rights and Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners said last month that time and money would be better spent on targeting Democrats in the 2014 election.

Sources: Daily Caller, Washington Times


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