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Tim Kaine Triggers TSA Search At Airport

Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine was stopped by TSA agents after his bag set off alarms. 

A source standing next to Kaine in line reports that the Virginia senator was traveling with his wife, Anne, when a security agent approached the couple asking if a bag belonged to them. Kaine confirmed the bag was his and had to step out of line so TSA officials could search the luggage by hand, according to The Hill.

As the unnamed source was collecting his own bag, they heard the sound of a harmonica playing and then saw TSA agents laughing. 

"That’s when I figured out, ‘Oh my God, his freaking harmonica set off the metal detector,’" said the source to The Hill.

Kaine, a bluegrass enthusiast, is rumored to carry up to five harmonicas at one time. He often attends bluegrass jamborees unannounced, according to The New York Times, looking to jam with fellow musicians. He has his own bluegrass band, No Speed Limit, which played at his own inauguration in 2006.

“He’s comfortable on stage,” said Woody Crenshaw, the former owner of the Floyd Country Store where Kaine and his band have performed. “He has a feel for the old-time music of these mountains.”

A Kaine spokeswoman declined to comment on the TSA incident, according to The Hill, but the senator confirmed that the story was true over his Twitter.

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"Not The Onion," Kaine tweeted, attaching a link to the article.  

Kaine has been busy these past few months since the election, tweeting his opposition to President Donald Trump's cabinet picks and legislative efforts. He is also still focusing on the results of the 2016 presidential election, which he and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost. In a Jan. 27 opinion piece for CNN, he writes that the Democrats lost the general election in part thanks to intelligence interference from Russia.

"Russia's interference in the US election is the latest example demonstrating that the United States is ill-equipped to respond to information warfare in the 21st century," he writes.

It remains unclear if he has been in contact with Clinton or if the two will be working together again in the future. 

Sources: The Hill, The New York Times, Tim Kaine/Twitter, CNN / Photo credit: Tim Pierce/Flickr

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