Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean Says GOP Partly To Blame For Bumpy Health Care Rollout


Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean insisted Thursday that Republicans deserve some of the blame for the bumpy Affordable Care Act rollout.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, Dean said Republicans contributed considerably to the law’s delay and therefore its problematic launch.

“In fairness you gotta blame the Republicans for some of this because they delayed everything they possibly could,” Dean said, “and there's some success here.”

The 2004 presidential candidate also said that Republicans threw as many monkey wrenches into the problem as they possibly could.

Dean added that the Obama administration was forced to set up a single federal marketplace because Republican governors refused to accept exchanges.

Instead, Dean suggested that the 36 states that are on the federal exchange be divided up into multiple regions. Then, the regions could be put out to bid. In this case, a single contractor wouldn’t incapacitate the entire system.

"The states with exchanges are doing pretty well," Dean said. "There's some glitches. They're not big.

Sources: TPM, National Review


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