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Former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock Blames Obama, Public Schools for Hatred of White People (Audio)

Roger Hedgecock was the Republican mayor of San Diego, until he was convicted of campaign finance violations and thrown out of office after only two years.

According to, Hedgecock now works as a syndicated right-wing talk show host in San Diego.

Speaking on his radio show earlier this week, Hedgecock said that the “hatred of white people has now become an epidemic in this country” and is even “informing political decisions that are made” (audio below).

Hedgecock laid blame for this "hate" at President Obama and public schools, which are supposedly teaching “hatred of white people” and “hatred of white privilege.”

To back up his claim, he cited a diversity program in Portland, Oregon schools that mentioned that whites have traditionally enjoyed a number of privileges. Hedgecock said this teaching "will boost minorities performance to teach them, in essence, hatred of white people."



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