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Former Representative Allen West Threatens FAU Students

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Former Representative Allen West issued a threat to Florida Atlantic University students through a Facebook post on Wednesday, generating over 6,000 comments. In his post, West referred to student protests as radical “Alinsky” tactics targeting his wife, a member of FAU’s Board of Trustees.  

The student group drawing attention – The Stop Owlcatraz Coalition – formed in opposition to the Board of Trustee’s decision to accept $6 million from GEO Group for the university’s stadium. The Coalition argues that prison-for-profit groups (like GEO Group) violate human rights and spawn corruption, and that institutes of higher learning have a responsibility to uphold higher standards of humanity. 

Stephanie Rosendorf of the Florida College Democrats filed a complaint with the university, and others have requested a restraining order against West.

Angela West reported incidents of stalking and requests for termination by students via email. In one incident, two students from the Coalition broke into her office and demanded her resignation from the Board. It’s unclear why West alone was targeted, though her association with the former Representative is a possibility. 

Sources: Raw Story, Red Alert Politics


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