Former Rep. Allen West Calls President Obama a 'Spoiled Brat'


Former Rep. Allen West took to the media Thursday to comment on the government shutdown, calling President Obama a “spoiled brat” for throwing a tantrum.

West said that because Obama has been indulged, he can no longer be satisfied.

“We gave him a U.S. Senate position out of the state of Illinois, unproven, untested, no resume,” West said. “We gave him the presidency twice.”

West noted that if one continues to reward bad behavior, the bad behavior will increase.

Obama’s childish behavior stems from his desire to enact radical change, West said, in an effort to turn the constitutional system upside down.

West noted that Obama has an “animus” toward the United States.

He added that under Obama, Americans are moving away from the belief system the country was founded on and moving toward the idea of imperial presidency.

West also criticized the media for not challenging Obama’s original election promises.

The former representative is a strong critic of Obama, calling him egomaniacal and arrogant for allowing the government to shutdown. He has also accused Obama of having a race-baiting agenda.

Sources: Washington Times, The Huffington Post


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