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Bill Clinton: Donald Trump Is A 'Master Brander' (Video)

Former President Bill Clinton told "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert on Oct. 6 that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is "a master brander" (video below).

Colbert asked Clinton why Trump and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is also running for president, have so much appeal, notes CNN.

Clinton said people like Sanders because they "think the system is rigged against them and the rich get all the gains," the Rolling Stone reports.

When Colbert asked about Trump's popularity, Clinton replied, "Because he's a master brander and he's the most interesting character out there," adding:

If you look at the first debate, a lot of those guys were competing for who could be the most politically correct on the answers. Trump says, 'OK, I've supported Democrats. I've supported Republicans. Yeah, I used to be friends with Bill Clinton; who cares? I run things, and I build things. And you need somebody that will go in there and fix it. And if they don't let me fix it, I'll just get them out of the way.' That is, it may have a short half life, his campaign, I can't tell yet.

Clinton added that there is "macho appeal to saying: 'I'm just sick of nothing happening. I make things happen. Vote for me.'"

Clinton also denied a rumor that he urged Trump to run for president.

Sources: Rolling Stone, CNN / Photo credit: CBS Screenshot


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