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Former NYPD Commissioner Says Rumored Bounty On Trump's Head Is 'Reason For Concern'

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said recently that the supposed $100 million bounty placed on Donald Trump’s head by Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, should be taken seriously.

“Any time you're threatened by anyone, it's a reason for concern,” Kerik told Newsmax TV on Oct. 7.

Kerik noted that Guzman is a killer involved with one of the world's largest drug cartels.

“The amount of money he has access to or could put together for some kind of reward or bounty is enormous really, and it's something that they should be concerned with,” he said.  “With all this chatter, it's something that we should and Donald Trump should be actually concerned with.”

The “chatter” Kerik referred to stems from various news stories that cite unnamed sources saying Guzman, who escaped from prison in July, was infuriated by remarks Trump made about immigrants while on the campaign trail. 

“He was mad,” an unnamed inmate allegedly said, according to a recent TeleSUR story. The news outlet also reported that Guzman was still upset over Trump’s comments and was offering a $100 million bounty on Trump's head.

After Guzman’s prison escape, Trump reportedly increased his security detail and spoke with the FBI. 

Threats from a Twitter account, rumored to be linked to Guzman, also put the billionaire Republican presidential candidate on alert, the New York Post reported, noting that the account’s authenticity had not been verified. 

“We have officials all over the place, including right outside hanging out in trees,” Trump told reporters in July during a ribbon-cutting event at one of his properties in Virginia, according to the Post. 

When asked about his contact with federal authorities, Trump told reporters, “I am not supposed to be talking about it.”

Kerik told Newsmax that he knows some of Trump’s security detail personally.

“They are the ultimate professionals,” Kerik said. “He has an extensive security team around him, highly qualified — and they're going to make sure that he gets though this campaign and does what he has to do, but there's still a need for concern always.”

Sources: Newsmax, TeleSUR, New York Post

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (2)


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