Former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette Revealed as Author of Book About Osama bin Laden Raid

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A book revealing the details about the Osama bin Laden raid is set to hit shelves on September 11. The author, under the pseudonym Mark Owen, has been revealed to be Matt Bissonnette, a former Navy SEAL Team 6 member, according to Fox News.

Titled "No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden," the book has upset many former and current SEAL members who worry that the information could compromise future missions. A Navy Seal told Fox News, "How do we tell our guys to stay quiet when this guy won't?" 

Some SEALS are extremely angered by the book, saying that Bissonnette is a "traitor." 

Bissonnette, 36, is from Alaska and was also involved in the rescue of an American captain kidnapped by Somali pirates. 

The former SEAL could also be putting himself at risk of legal trouble, as the Pentagon hasn't vetted the account. 

Penguin Group, Bissonnette's publisher, said he was "one of the first men through the door on the third floor of the terrorist leader's hideout and was present at his death." 

One line in the book reads: "It is time to set the record straight about one of the most important missions in U.S. military history."

Bissonnette achieved the rank of chief before he retired. 

The book is co-authored by Kevin Maurer, who has authored four books, mainly about Special Operations. 

Officials at the Pentagon and the CIA deny that the book was vetted by either department. They also added that they were not aware of "Mark Owen"'s true identity but said that Kevin Maurer was a respected journalist. 

Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Chris Servello said it's possible the author could be punished for the information revealed in the book.

"Any service member who discloses classified or sensitive information could be subject to prosecution -- this doesn't end when you leave the service. There is nothing unique to the special warfare community in this regard," Servello said. 

The Pentagon said that, if he were to be prosecuted, the case would be handled by the Department of Justice since Bissonnette is a retired service member. 

Proceeds of the book will be donated to causes that benefit families of fallen Navy SEALs. 

This controversy is just one of the many that have popped up over military security leaks in the past few months. Mitt Romney supporters have accused Obama of leaking details about the bin Laden raid for political gain. 

Film "Zero Dark Thirty" was said to contain classified information about the raids. It was set to be released before the elections, but after Republicans "cried foul," the release date was pushed back. 


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