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Presidential Hopeful Martin O'Malley Calls Republican Economic Arguments 'Patently bulls***'

Former Maryland Governor and possible Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley used some strong words to describe Republican’s economic arguments during an interview with National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep.

When asked about how corporations deal with regulations, O’Malley said the arguments used by Republicans are “patently bulls***.”

“I mean, our tax code's been turned into Swiss cheese. And certainly the concentrated wealth and accumulated power and the systematic deregulation of Wall Street has led to this situation where the economy isn't working for most of us. All of that is true.

“But it is not true that regulation holds poor people down or regulation keeps middle class from advancing,” he said, before describing Republican’s beliefs as “patently bulls***.”

Inskeep pursued a different line of questioning, but not before joking, “That's quite a last word, by the way, on that subject.”

O’Malley also said in his interview that the U.S.’s economic divide needs to be addressed with “sensible rebalancing.”  

O’Malley will decide by the end of next month if he’ll run for the Democratic nomination.

Sources: Washington Post, NPR Image via Wikimedia Commons


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