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Former Leader Of Arizona GOP Tweets 'Take Guns Away From Blacks As They Are The Main Killers'

According to CNN, 15.3 million people tuned in to the first Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 13. Randy Pullen, former chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, was among them, Talking Points Memo reported.

When the candidates were asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, Pullen decided to weigh in on the issue via Twitter: “Yes black lives matter. The best way to end the slaughter of young black men is to take guns away from blacks as they are the main killers.”

Pullen’s tweet was swiftly condemned as racist, but he later wrote: “every democrat candidate on stage wants to take guns away. The point of the tweet. Taking guns away will not end violence.”

For their part, all of the candidates on stage except for Jim Webb said black lives matter, The Daily Beast reported.

“As a president of the United States, every life in this country matters,” he said. “At the same time, I believe I can say to you, I have had a long history of working with the situation of African-Americans.”

Sources: CNN, Randy Pullen/Twitter, The Daily Beast, Talking Points Memo / Photo credit: Screenshot via Talking Points Memo


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