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Former KKK Leader Duke Claims He's Met With Legislators Over 50 Times

In the midst of a potential scandal, Rep. Steve Scalise needs all the help he can get.

After rumors surfaced that the Republican from Louisiana was an honorary guest at a white supremacy conference in 2002, the soon-to-be House majority whip knew he was in for a media frenzy.

Scalise's response was just to admit it, yet still deny any knowledge of political ties with the white supremacy group.

Then, GOP leadership came out defending Scalise. House leader John Boehner and second-in-line Kevin McCarthy both issued statements backing the Louisiana Republican.

While not yet clear of media and political persecution, David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader whose managers invited Scalise to speak at the event in 2002, has spoken in swinging support of Scalise.

“Why is Scalise being singled out? I don’t know,” Duke told Fusion. “He was just going there, obviously, to tell voters about some of his initiatives on some tax matters. That’s what it’s all about. And I think it’s insane, this whole process.”

Duke also said that he has met with Scalise multiple times. He acknowledged that he has hosted Democratic and Republican legislators at least 50 times.

“If Scalise is going to be crucified, if Republicans want to throw Steve Scalise to the woods, then a lot of them better be looking over their shoulders,” he said.

Duke seems to be downplaying the whole situation, contending that Scalise shouldn't be singled out for just speaking about tax policy. Now that Duke has spoken about the issue, Scalise has even more support.

While the dust has not settled for Scalise, he is getting all the help he can to survive this scandal.

Source: Fusion / Photo Credit: Crooks And Liars


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