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Former Government Official Butch Morgan Jr. Gets Jail For Obama Ballot Fraud

On Monday, four defendants who were convicted or pleaded guilty to engaging in election fraud to put then-candidate Barack Obama on the 2008 primary ballot in Indiana received their sentences. Despite the fact that their actions could have vastly altered the political landscape in America, only one of the defendants received prison time.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. was sentenced to one year behind bars. Former St. Joseph County Board of Elections worker and Democratic volunteer, Dustin Blythe, received a sentence of one year in Community Corrections, which ultimately means no jail time, Fox News reported.

"If there is a victim here, it is probably the Democratic Party," said St. Joseph Superior Court Judge John Marnocha. "The defendants who were saying, 'I was just following orders,' or 'I was just doing my duty,' that's no excuse. Through history a lot of evil has been done by those saying they were just following orders."  

To get Obama in the primary, the defendants successfully faked names and signatures on both the Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential petitions that were used to get the candidates on the Indiana ballot.

Prosecutor Stanley Levco said if the fraud been caught during the primary, "the worst that would have happened is maybe Barack Obama wouldn't have been on the ballot for the primary. I think that Obama would still have been elected president no matter what.”

During the case, former St. Joseph County Board of Voter Registration Democratic board member, Pam Brunette, and Board of Voter Registration worker, Beverly Shelton, pleaded guilty and testified for prosecutors against Morgan and Blythe. They both received two years of probation.

"The most amazing part about this voter fraud case involving the highest office in the United States is the fact that such a few number of people, because of laziness, arrogance or both did not do their job and thus could have affected the outcome of the election," said St. Joseph County Republican Party Chairwoman Dr. Deborah Fleming.

Sources: Fox News, The South Bend Tribune


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