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Former GOP Staffer Clint Murphy Embraces Obamacare

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Former GOP staffer Clint Murphy took to Facebook last week in support of Obamacare, noting that he had struggled to obtain insurance after battling testicular cancer.

Murphy had campaigned with the GOP since the 1990s but was diagnosed in 2000 at 25 years old with testicular cancer. He entered remission after four years of fully insured chemotherapy treatments during his work for John McCain and Karen Handel.

In 2010, when Murphy quit politics and decided to enter the world of real estate, he realized how difficult obtaining health insurance could be. He is currently uninsured because his sleep apnea is considered a preexisting condition.

“When you say you’re against it, you’re saying that you don’t want people like me to have health insurance,” Murphy wrote to his fellow Republicans.

Murphy added that he is tired of Republicans not actively participating in the process of improving American health care and now considers himself more of an Independent.

Murphy also noted the irony in repealing Obamacare, which would force more people into poverty and increase the number of people who rely on government funded programs that are “increasing the cost of government.”

Murphy said he plans to sign up for insurance when Georgia’s health care exchanges open in October.

Newt Gingrich has also expressed the need for a “positive replacement” for Obamacare, announcing his opinion at the Republican National Committee in Boston.

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