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Former Federal Prosecutors Sign Letter Condemning Comey

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The campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is fighting back hard against FBI Director James Comey's announcement that there's more evidence to look at in the investigation of the former Secretary of State's private email server. In response, several former federal prosecutors are voicing their support for Sec. Clinton.

After Comey announced that new evidence in Clinton's case has come to the surface, Clinton campaign operatives and Democratic senators have voiced outrage, demanding more information. Democratic Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has even gone so far as to suggest that the FBI Director is trying to help Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump win the election by hiding evidence that links the GOP nominee to the Russian government, thus violating the Hatch Act.

But now, federal prosecutors are voicing their opinion as well.

“To maintain fairness and neutrality, federal law enforcement officials must exercise discipline whenever they make public statements in connection with an ongoing investigation,” stated an open letter signed by several former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials, including former Attorney General Eric Holder. “Often, evidence uncovered during the course of an investigative inquiry is incomplete, misleading or even incorrect, and releasing such information before all of the facts are known and tested in a court of law can unfairly prejudice individuals and undermine the public’s faith in the integrity of our legal process.”

The letter added: “It is out of our respect for such settled tenets of the United States Department of Justice that we are moved to express our concern with the recent letter issued by FBI Director James Comey to eight Congressional Committees. Many of us have worked with Director Comey; all of us respect him. But his unprecedented decision to publicly comment on evidence in what may be an ongoing inquiry just eleven days before a presidential election leaves us both astonished and perplexed.”

As the Clinton campaign attacked Comey, the GOP criticized the Democratic Party for its supposed hypocrisy.

A GOP press release pointed out that back in July, many Clinton operatives praised Comey for his strongly-worded decision not to recommend criminal charges. But many of those same operatives, are now attacking the FBI Director and even accuse him of breaking federal law.

But President Barack Obama, who appointed Comey in 2013, has nothing but praise for the law enforcement veteran.

“The president doesn’t believe he’s secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or political party. He’s in a tough spot,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, according to the Washington Times, adding that Obama believes Comey is “a man of integrity, a man of principle.”

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