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Former Clinton Counsel Predicts Court to Overturn Roe v Wade

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NARAL will likely be scratching Walter Dellinger off its speakers list, as will Planned Parenthood.

Dellinger is obviously a pro-abort who served in the Clinton administration as an assistant attorney general and head of the Office of Legal Counsel. During the 1996-1997 Supreme Court term Dellinger served as acting Solicitor General. Dellinger is currently a law professor at Duke University and head of a DC law firm.

So the other side will certainly consider Dellinger's remarks on the future of legalized abortion, given last night during a debate at George Washington University, tantamount to pro-abort treason. That the debate was cosponsored by liberal think tank Center for American Progress (as well as the conservative American Action Forum and Politico) adds salt to the wound. This morning Politico reported:

Former acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger predicted Tuesday night that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe vs. Wade, the landmark decision that gives women abortion rights....

The noted liberal scholar said the 1973 decision has become a "trophy" that the court's conservative bloc could overturn if a Republican president chooses a replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy.

"I absolutely believe it," Dellinger said during a forum....

"For a while I thought that one could simply chip away at a lot more and more regulations that sort of protected access (to abortions) for the most affluent women but really made it impossible for women who were vulnerable to geography, poverty (and) youth," he added. "But now I think that, actually, it is such a symbol of a kind of jurisprudence that conservatives have set themselves in opposition to."

Such a decision by the Supreme Court would pour barrels of gasoline onto the now smoldering fires of the never-ending culture war....


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