Follow Up: Military Supplier to Remove Bible Codes from Gun Sights


A Michigan company is bowing to pressure from The Pentagon, and will remove Bible codes from the gun sights it sells to the military. As reported earlier this week, the company has been inscribing the codes onto sights being used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read the original story here: Christian Bible Codes Inscribed on U.S. Military Weapons

In its statement on Thursday, Trijicon said it would immediately “stop putting references to scripture on all products manufactured for the U.S. military” and provide kits for removing lettering on existing weapons. The company said it would follow the same policy for purchases by other national militaries. “Our decision to voluntarily remove these references is both prudent and appropriate,” said the statement by Stephen Bindon, the company’s president.

The codes, such as "JN8:12" and "2COR4:6" refer to specific Bible passages, and are inscribed near the serial number on the sights. Trijicon has been doing this for decades, and it says this is the first time anyone has complained.

There were fears that some Muslim extremist groups could use this as an excuse to defend its claims that the United States is launching a Christian war on Islam.

"The Constitution won today," said Michael Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who said former and current military members alerted him to the codes.

It's likely the codes are on tens of thousands of sights that are already out in the field. Trijicon has a $660 million contract to provide some 200,000 sights to the military. 


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