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FLOTUS Turns Heads In PSA Promoting Face Masks


In a video released by the White House on Thursday, Melania Trump delivers a PSA to the nation about the importance of face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Standing outside the White House wearing her own mask, she says: "As the CDC continues to study the spread of the COVID-19, they recommend people wear cloth face coverings in public settings where social distancing measures can be difficult to maintain."

She continued: "Remember, this does not replace the importance of social distancing. It is recommended to keep us all safe."

However, many were more focused on her outfit, specifically her mask.


Her fans were absolutely enthralled by her strikingly beautiful eyes, agreeing that even with a mask on, her beauty could not be contained.

"Flotus makes wearing a mask look good," one person commented on Instagram.

Another person wrote, "She’s even beautiful when most of her face is covered."

Melania has received a ton of criticism over the years about her fashion choices, but she has never responded to any of it.


The CDC has recommended that citizens wear masks when in public to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Los Angeles County has mandated that wearing a face mask is mandatory for all its citizens.

Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, implemented the directive in order to protect the essential workers in the city who have to keep working while almost everything else is shut down.

"Every Angeleno will share this responsibility with employers: to keep workers and everybody else safe, which is why we are requiring customers to wear face coverings to enter those businesses," Garcetti’s statement read.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Instagram/Melania Trump, The White House

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