Floridians Wait in Line 6 Hours to Vote, Gov. Rick Scott Refuses to Extend Early Voting Days


In scenes that resemble a third world country, many Floridians are waiting up to 6 hours [or more] to cast their ballots in early voting.

In 2011, Florida’s Republican dominated legislature and Governor Rick Scott rolled back the number of early-voting days from 14 days to 8, reports WSVN-TV.

Monroe County Supervisor of Elections Harry Sawyer asked for more early-voting time, but was denied in a letter by Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, who wrote: “As state officials, we are bound to follow the law."

Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott stood firm against calls from Democrats and independent groups to give citizens one more day to vote before Tuesday.

Governor Scott told WSVN-TV: "People are getting out to vote. That's what's very good. People are getting out to vote, they're voting absentee, they're voting early voting...I'm focused on making sure that we have fair, honest elections. One thing to know, these early voting days and on Election Day, if you're there by the time the polls close, you get to vote."

In response, the Florida Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit to force Governor Scott to extend the early voting period.  Democrats claim that Republicans are trying to limit participation because early voting is seen as benefitting Democrats.

In past elections, Republican Governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist extended early voting hours in response to record turnout.


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