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Florida State Workers Must Take Random Drug Tests

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Florida Governor Rick Scott (pictured left) has signed the Drug-Free Workplace Act, which will permit state agencies to randomly drug test up to 10 percent of their employees, his office said on Monday.

Gov. Scott's spokesman Lane Wright said in an email to the media: "Just like businesses do every day in the private sector, we, as a state, want to ensure a healthy and productive workforce."

Drug tests could be conducted once every 90 days under the law, which takes effect July 1. It would allow agencies to fire or discipline employees the first time they test positive for drugs.

Critics, however, say the law infringes on civil rights.

Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, said: "Governor Scott signed this law in clear defiance of constitutional principles."

Simon indicated in his statement legal action was likely: "People do not lose their constitutional rights just because they work for the state of Florida."


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