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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs 24-Hour Waiting Period For Abortion Bill

Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida signed a bill today that will require women to visit a health clinic twice and wait 24 hours between the visits before having a legal abortion.

Reuters reports that Republican State Representative Jennifer Sullivan, who sponsored the bill, said:

This means women will be empowered to make fully informed decisions. It’s just common courtesy to have a face-to-face conversation with your doctor about such an important decision, especially for such an irreversible procedure as an abortion.

According to Life News, Sullivan stated, "I care about the women who have sat in my office. I care about the women who have cried in committee."

However, Sullivan recently opposed setting up the Florida Health Insurance Exchange, which would have expanded medical coverage for hundreds of thousands of Florida residents, including women in need of health care, notes WFLA-FM.

"This HFIX is just a creative way to crack the door to the further expansion of entitlement programs in Florida. This bill is not a fix. It's a fraud and I believe that we can do better," Sullivan said.

However, the Orlando Sentinel's editorial board wrote, "The plan, by accepting federal funds to provide private insurance to working poor Floridians, would reduce that cost shift. It also would help spare businesses penalties many face under Obamacare for employees without insurance. And it would create tens of thousands of new jobs in the state to ramp up coverage."

Sources: Reuters, WFLA-FM, Orlando Sentinel, Life News
Image Credit: MrX


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