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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Praises Donald Trump, Snubs Jeb Bush And Marco Rubio

Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida praised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a Jan. 7 opinion article published by USA Today.

While Scott stopped short of endorsing the business mogul, his piece likely rankled his fellow Florida politicians who are vying for the nomination, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Scott stressed that Republican voters’ main concern is jobs.

“Our next president cannot simply tweak our national economic policies,” Scott wrote. “We need a complete overhaul.”

The Florida governor seems confident Trump is just the man to perform such an overhaul, comparing the businessman to himself -- Scott was a venture capitalist and political outsider when he ran for office in 2010.

“Many outsiders ... continue to shock the political establishment by coming into elected office from careers outside of politics,” Scott wrote. “Voters have been choosing new ideas and new energy over the old formula of sheer time served in political office.” 

Scott disclosed that he is a personal friend of Trump and that he will not endorse a presidential candidate until sometime shortly before his own state’s March caucus.

The governor makes it clear that it is Trump whose policies align with his own.

“There is no doubt that Donald is a man who speaks and tweets his mind freely,” Scott wrote.

“I think he is capturing the frustration of many Americans after seven years of President Obama’s very intentional government takeover of the U.S. economy,” he added.

Scott’s political platform has been to stimulate job creation and slash taxes. He finds regulation and the expansion of health care benefits for employees antithetical to the American Dream.

“It is my hope that every Republican presidential candidate will become laser-focused on job creation because I want our next president to be a Republican, and I want Washington to eliminate the regulations and taxes that are poisoning our country’s future,” Scott concluded.

There was no mention of Bush or Rubio.

During a Jan. 6 meeting with prominent Florida businessmen, Scott reiterated his belief that the GOP agenda should be job creation, the Sun Sentinel reported.

“The truth is this country has to get back to work,” Scott said. “If we don’t get back to work, there’s no money to pay for the things that we all care about.”

When asked if he had a favorite horse in the GOP presidential race, Scott responded, “I love all the Republicans.”

That same day, Scott had a confident response when asked if Trump could win a general election, according to Breitbart.

“Absolutely,” Scott said.

Sources: Breitbart, Sun Sentinel, USA Today / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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