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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Defies U.S. Department of Justice, Continues Voter Purge

In a letter sent tonight, Florida Governor Rick Scott said the state of Florida will continue to purge voters from the rolls despite the Department of Justice’s warning that the purging is illegal.

As Opposing Views reported, Gov. Scott's purge list is based on the state's DMV and purports to include only “non-citizens,” which targets mostly Hispanics, Democrats and independents.

The Miami Herald reports:

In tone and substance, the letter all but dares the Justice Department to sue Florida for allegedly violating the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), nicknamed “motor voter.”

Last week, after the Justice Department letter came out, county election supervisors suspended the purge. Several said a list of nearly 2,700 potential noncitizen voters — overwhelmingly minorities — was unreliable and included hundreds of actual citizens who are lawful voters...

Florida also accused another federal agency, the Department of Homeland Security, of violating the law by denying Florida access to a federal citizenship database.


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