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First Lady Melania Slammed On Twitter For Thanking US Navy For Help During Pandemic


In a bid to contribute to the society as coronavirus disrupts normal life in the U.S., Melania Trump has been reminding citizens to practice social distancing and adhere to cleanliness and hygienic practices. Despite her efforts, Melania has received a ton of criticisms from social media users.

Recently, she took to Twitter to appreciate the navy and military for their contributions in the midst of the crisis.

She wrote: “As the #USNSComfort hospital ships off to New York today, we are reminded of the selfless acts of courage our @USNavy medical personnel & crew are doing to ensure all Americans stay healthy & safe as we fight the spread of #COVID19.”

Another tweet read: “Thank you to everyone in the military for your every day courage!”

Critics quickly responded, with one person commenting: “Your husband said he was going kiss it goodbye, can’t wait until we can do that to this whole grifting family in 2021.”

Another one wrote: “Yes thank you #USNSComfort for making up for @realDonaldTrump inability to protect our country! Hoping you have better PPE’s than this though! #BeQuiet”

Anita Warren commented: “Your husband's on his way to promote his B.S. propaganda and have photo ops! He SHOULD be visiting Health Care Workers to thank them for their service, and he SHOULD be a first hand witness to those sick and dying.... A better use of his Presidential time! PPE provided of course!”

“Selfless acts of courage? How's mr bonespurs doing today? How is your tennis court coming?” Barbara Tepper wrote.

“You do know your so called husband, @realDonaldTrump is the reason why everything is so bad, right?!?” Nancy Wash said.

Pam Szitas wrote: “It was appalling that your husband's priorities are to waste taxpayer money, military and civilian time and to violate social distancing rules just so he could have some footage for a campaign ad.”

“Melanoma it doesn’t even sound like u wrote the words when you type them lol. Nothing you say is authentic,” Kat Athay commented.

Melania Trump has not replied to any of the comments.

The first lady encouraged young Americans to communicate with their elderly relatives. She tweeted: “Many elderly people are unable to receive visitors right now & while this will all be temporary I encourage children to create colorful cards or pictures & show them to their loved ones via FaceTime. The thought would mean a lot & bring a smile to many faces!”

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Google, Twitter/Melania Trump

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