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First Lady Melania Mocked Online Over Her 'Karate' Outfit During Visit To India


As President Trump and Melania landed in India, many cameras were ready for them. When the pictures made their debut on social media, many focused their attention on the president’s yellow power tie and Melania’s white pant suit complete with a green sash at her waist.

The comments began pouring in, with many cracking jokes about the first lady’s outfit. Some of the comments read:

“Melania came in her karate clothes.”


“Quite smart of Melania to wear her karate clothes. She must have heard about handsy Indian men and is ready for self-defense.”

“By next week, outfit of Melania should be available in Sarojni market.”

“Wow. Melania has just got her Karate green belt. Way to go first lady.”

“Melania looks like she can kick all their asses In her karate suit.”


“Is it only me or does everyone think Melania is ready for a round of karate?”

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time that Melania’s outfit has been compared to a karate costume. In May 2017, on Twitter user wrote, “Melania looks like a "Karate Kid" and Trump is JUST a KID,” referring to her outfit when she visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with her husband.

Her outfit was also compared to outfits worn by Bollywood actors Shah Rukh and Salman Khan in the 90s hit movie Karan Arjun.

The suit, designed by Atelier Caito For Herve Pierre, included a green sash made from an ancient Indian textile with gold thread work. The designer’s Instagram page featured a design sketch of the dress with the caption: “We used the border which was the most Interesting piece we could use as it was a vintage piece.”


Prior to the visit, many speculated whether FLOTUS would wear a saree or any other garments designed by desi designers in India. However, these hopes were quickly dashed when they saw her outfit.

On his part, Trump wore a bright yellow power tie and dark suit, while daughter Ivanka Trump wore a floral printed dress.

Many noticed that Trump had changed out of the red tie he was wearing when they left for India. Indian Twitter speculated on the meaning of the yellow tie, with some joking that POTUS secretly supported TDP, others stating that it was a celebration of the spirit and warmth of India, while others speculated that it symbolized spring.

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