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The First Lady of Israel's Moving Gift For Barron Trump

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Politics can be cut-throat, and attacks on politicians can extend well past their public personas to include spouses and family members. As members of the visible public, even children can become caught in the cross hairs of the media's watchful eye. Barron Trump, the 11-year-old child of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump is a perfect example.

Due to his famous and powerful parents, Barron's life has become overly scrutinized and he's become a target of ridicule and animosity well before reaching high school. Politics can be isolating, and with his parents away on their first international trip as President and First Lady, that separation can be especially difficult. Which is why the First Lady of Israel's gift to Barron is so special.

During the meeting between Melania Trump and Nechama Rivlin, the First Lady of Israel, Nechama chose to use her time with Melania at the president's official residence on May 22 to focus on Barron and address Melania's relationship with her child. According to the Jerusalem Post, Nechama presented Melania with three copies of world-famous Israeli author David Grossman's children's book, The Hug. The books are translated into English, Hebrew, and Arabic, and focuses on the relationship between a mother and child.

The Independent Journal Review reports that the book is about a mother and child out on a walk. The child, named Ben, confides in his mother that he is concerned he is alone in the world because of how unique he is. But his mother reassures him with a hug, and helps her son overcome his fear and loneliness.

Melania was reportedly emotionally moved by the gift, and immediately understood the message Nechama was trying to send. Nechama further explained her gift to Barron in a Facebook post: "it was important for me to give Barron, who remained at home and is only 11 years old, a souvenir from his parents' visit to Israel."

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli First Lady added, "Melania was very moved, and immediately understood, even before reading its contents, that this was a story about a mother and a child … I very much hope Barron will like the book as much as I do."

Though First Lady Melania Trump only spent a couple of days in Israel, and her meeting with Nechama Rivlin was brief, they clearly bonded over their shared desire to see children prosper. Therefore, The Hug is not only a gift to help Barron grow, it is a sign of the lasting friendship between Israel and America.

Sources: The Jerusalem Post, The Independent Journal Review / Photo Credit: The White House

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