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Obama the First Fan? Come on, Plaschke!

I may be the last man in America to subscribe to real ink newspapers, and I always read the sports page first (naturally). Bill Plaschke is usually compelling -- you might not always agree with him -- but he's a good storyteller.

Well, I literally couldn't get through two paragraphs of his piece today. I didn't even give it a second thought at the time and moved on to another story -- but this writer has explained why I couldn't read the piece. It was indeed a monumental stretch of the imagination to pretend Obama is living and dying with pitches, mixed free throws or Hail Mary passes.

I too thought Obama was a big sports fan, but the president's sports stature fell significantly when I saw him unable to name a single player on his "favorite" team of all-time. (That video is included.) We're not proud of it, but we true sportsfans can name every player, ballboy and coach from his or her favorite team.

It's like a disease -- and Barack Obama does not share it. 


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