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Firefighter Clint Pierce Fired for Placing Obama Toilet Paper in Fire Station Bathrooms

Clint Pierce was recently fired from his firefighting job after placing toilet paper with President Obama's face on it in the bathrooms of the Pompano Beach, Florida, fire station where he worked.

Pierce, an outspoken Republican who's been with the station for 19 years, also posted a derogatory bumper sticker about Obama on his workplace locker last November, reports the Orlando Sun Sentinel.

At the time, Pierce was told to remove it and to stop using city property to push his political views.

Three months later, Pierce was seen drinking from a coffee mug with a picture of the President portrayed as a clown.

The toilet paper stunt came less than three weeks before this year's presidential election.

After an internal investigation, Pierce was fired last week.

Fire Chief Harry L. Small wrote in a Nov. 29 order calling for Pierce's termination: "The incident exhibited tasteless and disrespectful treatment of the president, caused significant divisiveness within the department and community, and led to a community outcry and negative national news coverage."

"Your apology for your actions is appreciated, but does little to undo the widespread damage to the reputation of the city and the fire department organization."

City spokeswoman Sandra King told the Orlando Sun Sentinel: "It was clearly a case of insubordination. He had a similar situation of posting political messages on city property and he was given a free pass at that time and told to cease and desist and he did it again and really exacerbated the situation."


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