Federal Government To Pay Alan Gross $3.2 Million


The United States Agency for International Development has agreed to pay a $3.2 million settlement for Alan Gross, an American who was imprisoned by Cuba. Gross was exchanged for three Cuban prisoners last week in an historic deal between the United States and Cuba.

USAID released a statement on Tuesday that the settlement was reached in November and that they will pay for his unanticipated claims under a cost-reimbursement contract.

Gross was working as a contractor for USAID through a company called Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). He was detained in Cuba in 2009 for expanding internet access for Cuba's small Jewish community and was sentenced for 15 years in prison after being found guilty of undermining Cuba.

CNN reports that Gross and his wife filed a $60 million lawsuit in November of 2012. The couple settled with DAI in 2013 for an undisclosed account, however, their suit was thrown out by a district court.

The $3.2 million will be paid directly to Alan Gross by the federal government as part of the settlement with the company that employed him.

"The settlement avoids the cost, delay and risks of further proceedings, and does not constitute an admission of liability by either party," a statement by the USAID said.

Alan Gross is now safe at home and will not need to commit to further civil proceedings against the U.S. or his former employer.

Source: CNN, NBC News, USAID / Photo Credit: Fox News


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