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Federal Court Says Illegal Immigrants Don't Have Right to Guns

A federal appeals court in Denver ruled that illegal immigrants in the United States do not have the right to own firearms under the U.S. Constitution.

Emmanuel Huitron-Guizar of Wyoming pleaded guilty to being an illegal immigrant in possession of firearms after his arrest last year, according to Fox News. He was then held by immigration authorities at an illegal-immigration detention center in Wyoming.

But Huitron-Guizar's attorney appealed the case, arguing that his client -- and illegal immigrants -- should possess second amendment rights. In other words, they should not be excluded from possessing firearms, as are felons and the mentall ill.

Huitron-Guizar's attorney said immigration status shouldn't nullify the rights of any other American citizen to carry a gun for hunting and protection.

The 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Denver disagreed on Monday, saying illegal immigrants like Huitron-Guizar have only limited protection under the Constitution.


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