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FBI Used Photoshop In Key Boston Bombing Photo?

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An investigative reporter from the Digital Journal revealed on Wednesday that the FBI may have photoshopped a picture of Boston bomber Dzohkahr Tsarnaev fleeing the scene.

According to Ralph Lopez, who went to the scene for comparison photos, the brickwork in the Tsarnaev photo seems to have been copied and pasted from another piece of a brick wall.

The difference in brickwork can apparently be seen using the Image Zoom add-on for the Firefox browser.

Upon zooming in, there is reportedly a distinct beginning and end to the copied and pasted bricks, including some irregular half-brick patterns. The pixilation in the photographed portion, as well as the darker colored bricks, are also inconsistent with the rest of the photograph.

The picture, which has been considered of absolute importance since the attack, reveals that Tsarnaev was not carrying a backpack after the explosion. Because it is essential evidence in charging both brothers, tampering of the photograph could influence Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s sentence.

Considering the FBI’s current fragile reputation and inconsistent police reports of what happened, it isn’t difficult to believe that tampering occurred.

Initial reports of Dzohkahr Tsarnaev’s death suggested that he exchanged gunfire with police, then shot himself in the throat in a suicide attempt. Later, authorities reported that Dzohkahr was unarmed and taken into custody.

Sources: Digital Journal, Press TV


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