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FBI Has Yet To Turn Over Abedin Emails

The FBI has yet to turn over emails recovered from a laptop shared by Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband, former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York, to the State Department.

Though several pending lawsuits seek to obtain all emails related to Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, urgency over the disclosures has diminished following Clinton's defeat in the presidential election.

Conservative groups such as Judicial Watch have been seeking the records, citing the Freedom of Information Act, according to Politico.

On Nov. 29, Justice Department lawyer Lisa Ann Olson said in court that the State Department has yet to receive the Abedin emails recovered from Weiner's laptop from the FBI.

"We haven't recovered anything from the FBI," Olson told Judge James E. Boasberg, according to The Washington Times.

Boasberg noted that the court room, which had been filled with inquiring journalists before the presidential election, was now largely vacant.

"What a shock that we have less interest today than in past hearings," Boasberg remarked.

The FBI discovered the Abedin emails during an investigation into whether her husband, Weiner, had engaged in sexually explicit correspondence with a minor. After seizing Weiner's laptop, the bureau found that Abedin had her email account accessible in the device.

In late October, FBI Director James Comey had disclosed the existence of the emails to Congress, before his bureau had determined their relevance to an investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server.

Days before the presidential election, Comey announced that the FBI had reviewed the Abedin emails and said the agency would not change its July decision to not recommend charges against Clinton. The former Secretary of State's presidential campaign has largely blamed Comey's original announcement about the Abedin emails as the reason for her surprise defeat on election night.

Olson confirmed that the FBI would turn over the emails to the State Department, but offered not timetable on the handover.

After the court hearing, State Department spokesman John Kirby released a statement on the status of the Abedin emails being fully disclosed.

"Today the Department of Justice informed the court that the FBI will be providing the State Department with additional emails," Kirby said, according to Politico. "It has not been assessed how many of these emails are State Department work-related records rather than personal emails, nor do we know how many are duplicates or near duplicates of materials previously provided to the State Department by former Secretary Clinton."

Shortly after Weiner's third sex messaging scandal broke, Abedin announced the couple was separating. Weiner checked into a rehab center in Tennessee for sex addiction. On Nov. 30, the former congressman returned to his home city of Manhattan, according to the New York Post.

Sources: New York Post, PoliticoThe Washington Times / Photo Credit: SBTL1/Flickr

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