FBI Agent Frederick Humphries Started Investigation into David Petraeus Affair


Frederick Humphries has been identified by the New York TImes as the FBI agent who Jill Kelley contacted over her cat fight emails with Paula Broadwell, the alleged mistress of former CIA Director David Petraeus.

Humphries is a counterterrorism investigator who received Kelley’s complaints that kicked off the investigation and ultimately led to Petraeus’ resignation. Additionally, Humphries, 47, allegedly sent a shirtless picture to Kelley.

Described as a “solid agent” with a “reputation for aggressiveness," Humphries passed Kelley’s complaint to the cybersquad in the Tampa, Florida FBI field office.

Humphries was not assigned to the case, but his supervisors thought he was trying to insert himself improperly into the investigation.

Humphries thought the investigation was stalled for political reasons, so he contacted Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Washington) and told him about the case. Rep. Reichert put Humphries in contact with Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), who passed the info onto FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Humphries' lawyer, Lawrence Berger, disputes the report that the FBI agent sent a number of shirtless pictures to Kelley. He said only one picture was sent as a “joke.”

Berger told ABC News that Humphries' family "knew the Kelley family socially for several years." Kelley asked Humphries for advice on what she claimed were threatening emails and he "referred the matter to the bureau."

Berger added: "There was absolutely no romantic involvement or relationship whatsoever between Agent Humphries and Jill Kelley."


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