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Father Time

Senile old smuck stereotype Huh?

Say what you will . The truth is if there were not the senile old smuck stereotype individuals around every American would be raising the type of society where anything goes. Out in California, I realize you people have a hap hazard kind of lifestyle, but the truth is there is decent, moral and upstanding and then there is the type of people who condone the stripping, the drugs and all the vulgarity that goes with it. After reading your comment, I'm convinced I prefer the senile old smuck stereotype to the likes of you. Again, it just goes to decency and morals."You got em or you don't" and it's pretty obvious "you don't". One day when you look up and it's your sister or your daughter up there taking off their clothes, girating slutty moves and simulating sex, get back to me, think you'll be proud then? Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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