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Father Of Boston Bomber Friend Ibragim Todashev Will Sue FBI For Wrongful Death

The father of a man who was killed during the FBI’s investigation into the Boston Marathon Bombings will be bringing a wrongful death suit against the agency. Ibragim Todashev, the 27-year-old friend of deceased bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was fatally shot after he allegedly attacked federal agents following hours of questioning in his Orlando home. Todashev was being questioned with regard to an unsolved murder that FBI officials believed Tsarnaev was also involved in.

His father, Abdulbaki Todashev, will be getting assistance with the wrongful death suit from the ACLU. Abdulbaki, who is from Chechnya, reportedly carries around a briefcase containing evidence he believes will help him win the lawsuit. This is an excerpt from a TIME piece about the situation:

The photographs in his father’s briefcase seem to raise more questions about the death than they answer. On a recent afternoon in Moscow, he laid them out across the table of a diner, starting with the family photos he had taken of his son with his 11 siblings in Chechnya. In one of the frames, Ibragim stands with several of his younger brothers at a boxing club in Grozny, the regional capital, where he began his training to become a mixed-martial arts fighter.

In another, he grapples during a professional cage fight in Florida, surrounded by rows of American fight fans. Then his father shows the photos of his body, rent with wounds, that his friends in Florida had taken while preparing him for burial. One close-up of the top of his head appears to show two bullet holes about half an inch apart from each other. “He was shot seven times,” his father says. “In the heart and in the head. What is that if not murder?”

Abdulbaki has hired a private detective to help him keep track of things like interviews with his son's neighbors and photographs from inside his son’s apartment, Business Insider reported.

The ACLU called for an independent investigation into the case back in July. “The FBI has offered completely incompatible explanations, they have failed to explain how these inconsistent stories found their way into newspaper accounts of the shootings, and have not offered any clarifying comment about what really happened, ” said Howard Simon, the Florida executive director of the ACLU.

Sources: Business Insider, TIME


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