Fan Smuggles Stun Gun into 9/11 Jets-Cowboys Game, Uses it


Security at Sunday night's Jets-Cowboys game in New Jersey was tighter than usual -- it was the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and former President Bush was in the house. Yet somehow a "crazed" Cowboys fan was able to smuggle a stun gun into the stadium and use it on Jets fans.

The New York Daily News reports that 59-year-old Leroy McKelvey used the taser on several people during a halftime brawl with Jets fans who finally had enough of his bizarre behavior.

"According to fans around him, he was protesting the moment of silence and talking loudly during the moment of silence," a source told the newspaper. "He then stood up to go to the restroom or a concession stand and fans around him began telling him to sit down and were calling him a jerk. He then pulled out a taser and tasered at least two people."

Three men suffered minor injuries. They refused medical treatment. McKelvey is charged with felony aggravated assault, felony possession of a stun gun and illegal possession of a weapon. He is being held on $22,500 bail.

As far as how McKelvey was able to get the weapon into MetLife Stadium, "It's all under investigation," said Sgt. Julian Castellanos of the New Jersey State Police.

Here is some unclear video of the incident:


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