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Families USA Reportedly Received $1.1 Million Grant To Collect Obamacare Success Stories

According to a report, a non-profit organization received a grant of more than $1 million to create a database of Obamacare success stories.

Mail Online reports that Families USA, a self-described non-partisan organization promoting affordable health care, was awarded the grant of $1.1 million in early October by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Families USA’s website asks users to share their stories relating to the Affordable Care Act in an effort to illustrate “the human need for health reform.”

“Now that we’ve crossed the finish line, it's time to educate the public about health reform and how it will affect them,” the site reportedly states. “The best way to do that is to tell your story, giving a real example of the status quo and the impact of change.”

The grant, which was first reported by, is meant to help Families USA expand the database of “real people” sharing their stories of enrolling in Obamacare, according to, which also noted that news of the grant has been revealed in the same week that the White House announced two more delays related to the president's landmark health care reform law.

Mail Online adds that Capitol City Project has challenged the charity's claim of being an independent and non-partisan entity, revealing that Families USA is “extremely close to the Obama administration” as well as Enroll America, whose stated mission is to “maximize the number of uninsured Americans who enroll” in Obamacare.

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