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Faith And Freedom Coalition: GOP Needs To Be More Conservative To Win Millenials

Hundreds of young conservatives gathered in Washington recently for the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Attendees discussed a variety of topics, most of which dealt with how to remain relevant to a millennial generation which views the GOP as a dated, out of touch party.

As noted by Salon, among the most headline-worthy discussions from the conference was the groups approach to the issue of abortion. Rather than discussing how to make the moral or legal case behind the issue more convincing, the conference focused on this: “How do you make abortion funny?”

Many have been telling the GOP that they must stray from hard line social conservatism if they wish to win over young voters. On the issue of gay marriage, for example, the vast majority of millennial voters support marriage equality. But the tone at the conference wasn’t one of compromise. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Check out Hawkins words for any conservative groups at the conference hoping to gain some political funding: “You’ve got to be pro-life, you’ve got be pro-marriage, or else you’re not going to get our money.”

So, it seems, leaders at the conference are still spouting the same reasoning that cost them the 2012 election: The problem isn’t that we’re too conservative. It’s that we’re not conservative enough.

This line of thinking, especially with the amount of money involved in elections, is mind-boggling. Despite every poll in the nation saying that young voters think the GOP is too conservative, the GOP’s answer continues to be that it needs to be more conservative.

In nature, if a species fails to adapt to changes in their world, they eventually go extinct. The GOP would be wise to remind themselves of this. 

Source: Salon


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