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Extremists: Arab racism, Islamic bigotry (A.K.A. Arab-Israeli conflict) & Erdogan

Militant Islamic bigotry & Erdogan

Ever since the Islamic party AKP in Turkey won the election , anti-Israel bigotry by Turkish president shows its true colors.

Clearly the ISLAMIC PARTY's elected Erdogan was looking for an opportunity to break the alliance with Israel.

The Flotilla incident, where Islamists (under the guise of "peace humanitarian activism") prepared for matryrdom to kill Jews for Allah (as they screamed) or to die, so that the infidel Zionists look bad, a known Islamists' trick, just as Hamas & Hezbollah use civilians to cause their deaths) was a perfect chance for Erdogan, heck he can now even claim that its for "poor palestinians" and come out a hero in the cruel Arab world, that always abuses/uses the Arab Palestinians as a ping-pong.. (ever since the Arab leaders told them to evacuate in 1948, thus created the "Palestinian refugees." During the years Arab nations always persecuted the Palestinian Arabs and made sure they won't advance, hence they can have it both ways, the hated Palestinian is down and the hated Zionist can be blamed FOR it.)


Sure (the one that seeks to wipe off the map an entire nation of 7,000,000, the one that claims AS IF he denies the Holocausat in order to prepare another one... or is it EichmannJihad?') Ahmedinejas's hands are all over the place (at: Hezbollah, Hamas and in Turkish political Islamization) and Erdogan's defense of the Islamic Republic in the UN against sancions tells volume.


Yes, the anti Israel war of genocide or at least of ethnic cleansing (look at the example of Arab-Lebanese Helen Thomas racist ethnic cleansing view without taking into account that the main population of the Arab "Palestinians" is in Arab immigration into Palestine-Israel from: Syria, Egypt, S. Arabia, etc. 1800-1948), is motivated by both: ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIC BIGOTRY, both look at the Jews, as "outsiders," that's the real conflict. This was always the case, ever since the Nazi Arab-Islamic Mufti al-Husseini called (at the Hebron massacre 1929, almost 40 Years before they could even come up with any "1967-occupation" excuse) to "Kill the Jews wherever you find them."


The real loss is the loss of Muslims that are not Arab, which unless incited by radical ISLAM don't have to hate Israel/Jews.

Even though, in reality, it's the religious Islamic bigotry by Arabs that enhances that ethnic Arab racism.

But Mufti's impacted (Egyptian born typical-fake-"Indigenous-palestinian") Y. Arafat was one of the main figures to incorporate ISLAM into the conflict, with taking Jerusalem as a MUSLIM issue, even though it's not even mentioned once in the Quran, the only connection Muslims CLAIM is that their prophet had some kind of a dream, in which he "visited" (somehow) the historic Jewish capital.


There's no question --no matter where you stand on the conlfict-- that the moderation of a Muslim, Muslim regime can be measured first by attitude towards Israel, it's no secret, therefor, if Erdogan is on this path, the cloud is very dark, in Turkish population's future.


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