Graphology Experts Examine President Trump's Handwriting (Photos)

A new infographic by the National Pen Company is being used to analyze President Donald Trump's handwriting.

The infographic examines how different characteristics in handwriting indicate different personality traits, the Daily Mail reported. In some cases, handwriting can even indicate underlying health issues.

The analysis of handwriting is known as graphology. It can reportedly detect more than 5,000 personality traits just by examining the sizes and shapes of your letters and the spacing between words.

The Daily Mail looked at two handwritten notes by Trump to see what the letters reveal about him, according to the infographic. One of the letters was written in 2011, while the other was written in 2016.

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According to the National Pen Company, when letters slant to the left it means the writer tends to keep to him or herself and prefers to work behind the scenes. The size of the letters can be an indicator of the size of the writer's personality. Large letters mean the writer is outgoing and loves a lot of attention, but could also mean the writer is pretending to have a lot of confidence.

When a person uses narrow spacing in between their words, it means they don't like to stand alone. When they write with pointed letters, it indicates the writer is aggressive, intelligent, intense and curious.

Wide looped letters show a person is relaxed and spontaneous. People who write like this also tend to have a great imagination.

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When a person writes with heavy pressure, meaning the words appear dark, it means they posses high levels of energy. It also indicates the writer is good with commitment, and takes things seriously. However, under pressure, it means the writer is uptight, and reacts quickly to criticism.

Long crosses over the letter "t" mean the writer is determined and enthusiastic, but can also mean the writer is stubborn, and has a hard time letting things go.

When a person writes a capital "I" to refer to themselves, and the letter appears larger than other capital letters, it means the writer tends to be arrogant.

An illegible signature also means the writer is private, and hard to read and understand.

Sources: Daily Mail, National Pen / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Facebook via Daily Mail

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